Popular Sugar-Free Dessert Items

Published: 15th July 2009
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For many people, eating sugar free foods is a part of life. Contrary to what some believe, diabetics, and other people indulging in a sugar-free diet for their health, do not have to give up desserts completely. There are many healthy, sugar-free dessert items available those who can not enjoy sweet treats made with sugar. Even better, sugar substitutes such as Splenda granulated sugar make it easy to convert all of your favorite recipes into sugar free versions that taste every bit as delicious. If you want to stock a sugar-free shelf in your pantry, below are some popular sugar-less dessert items that should be on the top of your shopping list.

Splenda Sugar Substitute

Made using a proprietary process that starts with sugar, Splenda sugar substitute is one of the most popular non-sugar sweeteners on the market today. Stock your home and office with both Splenda sugar packets and Splenda granulated sugar substitute for sweetening a variety of drinks and desserts. Splenda granulated sugar substitute is designed to measure just like sugar. In other words, a recipe that calls for one cup of sugar would use one cup of Splenda instead, and still be every bit as mouth-watering, but even healthier!

Splenda works well in most recipes where the sugar is used mostly for a sweetness factor. Unlike other popular sugar substitutes, Splenda is heat-stable, so it can be used in baking, or for making puddings or cheesecake. There is an unbelievable amount of recipes available using Splenda from cakes, pies, and brownies to smoothies and more. Splenda also proudly offers some great hints on how to use Splenda in your own favorite recipes.

Knox Unflavored Gelatin

A packet of unflavored gelatin can easily turn a cup of fruit juice into a sparkling after dinner treat. Knox Gelatin was a mainstay in many pantries post-World War II, when housewives all over the country used it to make delicious desserts and salads. Knox became a lost ingredient with the advent of Jell-o and other flavored gelatins. Try mixing two cups of unsweetened fruit juice with a packet of unflavored gelatin and Splenda sweetener to taste, then chilling until it is firm. Top with sugar-free dessert topping and you have created a light, sweet end to a delicious meal.

Sugar-Free Puddings

While sugar-free puddings can make a quick and delicious dessert on their own, it has much more potential. A box of sugar-free pudding can add moisture to a cake recipe, serve as a pie filling, or add color, flavor and texture to a sugar-free cookie recipe. Keep a box or two of chocolate and vanilla pudding on hand at all times so that you always have a quick and easy sugar-free dessert to make.

Sugar-Free Gelatin Desserts

Sugar-free Jell-o, and other gelatin desserts, are yet another handy and healthy dessert item to keep your pantry stocked with. Similar to sugar-free puddings, these gelatin's are an easy-to-make dessert on their own, but they also serve as main ingredients in other sweet treats. For a unique treat, try using sugar-free gelatin whipping the mix at high speed until it is frothy and foamy before chilling. The foam will settle and separate into its own layer, creating a rich flavored topping for your sugar-free dessert.

In addition to sugar-free desserts, there are some other items to keep on hand that can help you soothe the sometimes uncontrollable cravings for sweets. Sugar-free hard candies have been around for a while, continuously offering a healthy substitute. Today's most popular sugarless candies are sweetened with Splenda, which is roughly six hundred times sweeter than sugar. If you enjoy baking, you can easily substitute crushed sugarless hard candies for colored sugar crystals to top sugar cookies or dust on cupcakes.

Sugarless cookies are another dessert item that you should keep on your baking shelf in your cupboard. Sugar-free versions of graham crackers and vanilla wafers can be used just like their sugared counterparts to make pie crusts, fillings for pudding parfaits, or toppings for fruited yogurt. You can also buy sugarless chocolate chips, and unsweetened cocoa to add extra flavor to your baking.

While it is not strictly sugar-free, Dream Whip has only one gram of sugar per serving and is another ingredient to keep on hand if you are cooking sugar free. The powdered dessert topping can be prepared with a half of a cup of cold milk and used as is, or it can also be added to recipes to add moisture and help sugar-free cakes to brown properly.

Keeping a variety of sugarless ingredients and sugar-free dessert items on hand will make it a lot easier to come up with something for your sweet tooth at a moment's notice. Once you get into the habit of making desserts without white sugar, you will find that it is surprisingly easy to get all the sweetness you want. In fact, you will find yourself improvising and combining ingredients to come up with your own delicious sugar-free desserts in no time.

Jeremy Foster is a freelance writer who writes about losing weight and keeping it off by exercising and eating low calories means with items like Splenda

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